Electronic devices during Air Tanzania flights

Important information when flying with electronic devices

Passengers are kindly asked not to use any electronic devices during taxi-out, take-off, climbing, descent, landing and taxi-in. Such electronic devices include laptop computers, remote controlled games, radios, portable TV sets and mobile phones which may interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft. Passengers can use these devices at cruise level but cabin crew must be notified first.


Immediately after the aircraft has taken off, its high-powered engines enable it to climb very steeply. Shortly afterwards, you will hear a reduction in the engine sound for local noise restrictions, but even during this reduction in power, the aircraft continues to climb at a considerable rate.

All our aircraft cabins are fully pressurized. However, due to a change in pressure in the cabin during take-off and landing, some passengers may experience slight discomfort in the ear, which can be relieved by swallowing, yawning, or pinching the nostrils gently and breathing out whilst keeping the lips sealed.

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