Air Tanzania: Security & Fleet Maintenance

Safety & International Standards

Safety is the industry’s number one priority. The strengthening of the safety and security function is going to be important for the airline in light of the stringed rules and regulations from IATA and ICAO. The company is working on IOSA and IATA membership.

Fleet maintenance

A technical assessment to be completed in the technical department will determine the proper work processes, structure and ultimately the necessary manpower levels needed to support the Air Tanzania fleet in the medium to long term.

For now immediate recruitment to fill vacancies created by attrition will need to be populated to cope with the current work load. In the short-term immediate streamlining and re-organization will take place within the technical division through division of labour and structural adjustments to develop an in-house capacity for heavy maintenance works. A quality assurance capability is also a vital component in the development of a fully capacitated Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO).

Air Tanzania has developed a competency on Dash 8- 300 and Dash 8-400 aircrafts, both technically and operationally, and operates the fleet under a TCAA Approved Maintenance Program (Ref: ATCL/AMP/DASH8-311/ISSUE 1 Date 20 Nov 2008). The company is developing internal capacity for “C” check maintenance and it is planned that future works be carried out in house.

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